Laura Ashwood is a contemporary romance writer that writes heartwarming small-town love stories. She is currently working on a contemporary romance trilogy set in a small town in Minnesota.

Laura’s love of the written words goes back to the day she realized that letters made words and words made stories. As a child, she would take her rusty old red wagon on a weekly trek to the library and sit for hours, looking through the rows and rows of adventures. She’d check out as many books as she was allowed and head back home for another week full of new friends and fun in the pages of those books. Now her Kindle is filled with stories of hope and love and sometimes even things that go bump in the night.

Writing was a natural aspiration for Laura. She wrote short stories in high school for her friends and dreamed of becoming an author. College, children, marriage and career happened and that dream ended up in a box somewhere in her closet. After her children graduated and moved out, Laura dug that box out of the closet, dusted it off and began honing her craft.

She lives in northern Minnesota with her amazing husband and 2 very spoiled chihuahuas. She is a member of Romance Writer’s of America, and several RWA chapters.